Transforming Broadband from best efforts to assured experiences
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Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on broadband connections for work (both in the office and at home), education, entertainment and many aspects of general daily life: from shopping, through information gathering, to inter-personal communication.

Broadband has become a mainstream means for accessing and engaging with the economy and our society. What is surprising is just how reliant we've become upon a broadband service that has few, if any, performance guarantees. When using your network connection it is impossible to know exactly what level of service you will get each time you use it (regardless of how much you pay for it). You can't really complain: this is the fundamental nature of best effort broadband, which is how today's Internet offerings are structured.

Things have to change. This persistent unpredictability is becoming a major factor in limiting the benefits that Internet technology can bring to us individually and collectively.

Broadband connections are increasingly being used to support multiple applications simultaneously - for example, video streaming, gaming and VoIP. Each of these applications needs to deliver an acceptable quality of experience, even when they are being used at the same time.

Omnes' approach represents a leap forward in broadband networking, one where the unique demands of the end user's individual mix of applications, each with their own service requirements, are supplied consistently when they are needed. This is no longer a best efforts network - in which all the application data streams are treated the same, but an assured network - one that supports multiple data streams, with individual assurances on the delivery of those streams tailored to fit performance requirements.

Omnes' technology added to an ISP's network enables them to offer a wide variety of such assured services over their existing infrastructure. Using such an ISP, you too could be teleworking using video telephony, VoIP, cloud app and file store access over your corporate VPN while the rest of your family uses Skype, video streaming and web browsing - all without tears! This has been the daily experience using this technology, over standard UK broadband infrastructure, since late 2006.