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Your primary product is connectivity on a global scale. This is a mass market product that is currently differentiated by price, then by volume, and only then, if at all, by data transport quality.

Omnes fully understands that delivering "quality" is essential for any business and that customer service quality is important.

  • Omnes offers expertise regarding the technical nature of the product - end-to-end packet data transport - not how it is being marketed, sold and supported.
  • Our approach involves the use of multiple services over a single connection. Single specialist service networks do not appear to be economically viable in anything but the short term.
  • Omnes's vision involves providing, on a per end-user basis, mixtures of data transport services tailored to individual requirements. These services are self-provisioning, and changes take just a few tens of seconds to propagate. Crucially, no major capital expenditure is necessary - existing network infrastructure is all that is required.

We can enable you to meet your users' needs more closely, and match data transport requirements on a service-by-service basis. Gaming, video streaming, video-conferencing, VoIP, remote terminal access and cloud services will all be supported. The end-user can be given the choice of what they would like to consume from a full service menu.

Omnes' technology offers controls that allow you to manage the collective demands on your infrastructure, defining (on a per service, per end-user basis) what will happen when, inevitably, capacity is saturated - even if only for an instant. Aspects of this control can even be delegated to end-users so that they can set their own policies without causing system melt-down.

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