Transforming Broadband from best efforts to assured experiences
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Vision: Assured Network Services for All

Over the past decade, the founders of Omnes Loquantur (Omnes) have been dedicated to a very simple vision:

Enable broadband connectivity to become as predictable and reliable for key applications, as telephony and electricity services are today.

Omnes can assist ISPs, network wholesalers and system integrators to extract the most from their existing network assets by determining the emergent operational properties of their network. Omnes can then exploit those properties to establish broadband services which have known performance behaviour. This unique approach to managing a data network's contention extracts the maximum possible value from network connections. It doesn't miraculously create new capacity, but it does squeeze every bit of value out of whatever resources exist.


Omnes is exploiting a practical, mathematically-based understanding of how data networks work, developed by Predictable Network Solutions. It captures the nature of protocol interactions, the effect that loss and delay have on those protocols, and most importantly how end-to-end systems behave when network resources become highly contended. From that understanding we have created an analysis and deployment framework, along with some key items of enabling technology. This framework can be used to quantify, and hence dramatically reduce, the risks of services not making their SLA targets. It can also be used to analyse proposed services, in addition to those in existence. Omnes' approach , to deliver all services with predictability - and over the existing infrastructure.

Omnes' unique Contention Management technology harnesses the power of the underlying statistical properties of the network to deliver unprecedented levels of assurance and control for multiple services over broadband access networks. It exploits the different quality transport requirements of the individual data streams, to multiplex the traffic together intelligently, achieving high-utilisation while meeting the applications' transport constraints.

It is a key truth of networks that quality is only ever lost, but Omnes's technology offers the ability to intelligently manage that inevitable process. In doing so, it permits the creation of new product offerings using existing infrastructure, for each player in the solution delivery chain.