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Network Wholesaler

Your role is to take physical connections and convert them into point-to-point services. Those "points" might be far apart, and interconnected using several different technologies. You are typically in the business of creating and selling "pipes" of various shapes and sizes, in large numbers, to relatively few direct customers.

Your role is that of a data transporter; you are not interested in what information is being carried (the end-user service) - just the quality requirements and the volume of that data transport task.

Omnes' Contention Management (CM) technology enables you to expand your communication assets into multiple assured services. This can be done very quickly, with no major capital outlay, by adding Contention Management to the edge of the access network. Such an approach transforms your existing basic single service offering into one supporting multiple bi-directional quality assured data transport services, providing a quantitative basis for differential pricing.

As part of the process of creating the portfolio of assured data transport services, we will quantify the properties of your existing network(s) in such terms as:

  • geographical distance,
  • "last-mile" technology and configuration choices,
  • ISP connection method, and
  • response to offered load.

Such an analysis gives ISPs and system integrators the information they need to make the appropriate engineering choices when they come to construct services for their customers.

An example report covering the UK national infrastructure is available on request.

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