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Service Delivery

ISPs, network wholesalers and system integrators are all part of the solution chain that delivers networking to the ultimate end user. Typically, end users are not interested in the underlying technology, only in whether the applications that they use work well whenever they need them.

From the perspective of the network, such a solution chain works if it delivers the application's data traffic end-to-end with sufficient quality.

To be practical in the long term, any solution has to work at reasonable utilisation levels of the underlying network resources (i.e. without "generous provisioning"). It must be both fit-for-purpose and economic to run.

Omnes' solution allows service deliverers to fully exploit the network's existing capacity. With this approach, multiple applications can be run (including those with real-time constraints) and at high link utilisation. This permits links to run at 100% utilisation for extended periods (for example carrying off-site backup traffic), without any user-discernible effect on other activities, such as video telephony, VoIP, remote file store/terminal access and web access.

Omnes' technology offers specific advantages to each player in the service delivery chain, be that a network wholesaler, ISP or system integrator.