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As a system integrator, you have both the best and the worst of worlds: you can focus on servicing the needs of a single customer, reporting to a single design authority; but at the same time, you are taking the responsibility of delivering services end-to-end, which can be desk-to-desk, or even fingertip to eyeball.

You are expected to deliver many such services to multiple people, and increasingly over a common infrastructure, within constraints on the total cost of the ongoing solution.

Omnes understands that there are a great many more issues faced by such a business than just data transport quality, but we also know that the minimisation of the data transport costs is important. With this in mind, it is crucial for you to:

  • maximise efficient use of expensive point-to-point links, while delivering acceptable quality to services utilising them,
  • increase the use of commodity, mass-market services, especially where servicing the needs of home/tele-workers and small offices.

Omnes has created new approaches to understanding precisely such issues, and the constraints of any system. We can help you to determine whether what is desired is actually feasible and then we to construct a solution: a way of balancing the conflicting demands on the network infrastructure.

Omnes can help you improve your use of existing network services by applying Contention Management technology, in addition to helping you make the most out of any quality assured data transport services that ISPs and network wholesalers may be offering,

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